Building Management Systems - monitor and control a buildings services such as Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Lighting (HVAC+L), ensuring the building operates at maximum levels of efficiency but avoids wasted energy usage and associated costs. The optimal level of efficiency is achieved by continuously maintaining the correct balance between the desired operating requirements and external/internal environmental conditions.

A BEMS can efficiently control as much as 84% of your building's energy consumption, performing its functions completely automatically, day in, day out, year after year with little need for interaction. However, if usage requirements change, then its sensible to check system settings and parameters to ensure they are configured correctly to meet these new requirements – a poorly monitored or maintained building will soon suffer performance issues and increased energy costs.

In Europe Honeywell has three BMS brands. Each brand distributes products via independent 3rd party ‘Partners’ or ‘Value Added Resellers’ – VARs, who supply, install and commission bespoke systems to meet each building/owner requirement.

Configurable Controllers
  • Multivalent or District Heating Controllers
  • Stand alone Controllers
  • Small linear Actuators, stroke 2,5/6,5mm
  • Large linear Actuators, stroke 20/38mm
  • LON linear Actuators
  • Rotary valve Actuators
Valves Linear
  • 2-way linear Valves, stroke 2,5/6,5mm
  • 2-way linear Valves, stroke 20/38mm
  • 3-way linear Valves, stroke 2,5/6,5mm
  • 3-way linear Valves, stroke 20/38mm
Valves Rotary
  • Control Ball Valves
  • Rotary Valves
Sensors for Temperature, Sun, R.H., Air Quality, Leakage
  • Temperature Sensors NTC
  • Temperature Sensors Pt100/Pt1000
Thermostats for Buildings
  • Individual room Thermostat
  • Fan coil electro-mechanical Thermostats
  • Fan coil digital Thermostats
Electrical Products
  • Electrical Switches