MEZAB Fire Alarm Systems provide accurate and automatic fire and smoke detection and alert to the build-up of smoke and heat and are mandatory in almost all office and public buildings. They need to:

  • Quickly and effectively warn building occupants of fire, suspected fire or smoke
  • Warn emergency services of an incident
  • Automatically deploy fire prevention measures like sprinklers or automatic fire doors

MEZAB is the best choice for installing all kinds of fire alarm systems. We install fire alarm systems of any size and even complex installations.

If you’re constructing a new building, it’s crucial for all systems and appliances to be installed right the first time. A system that isn’t assembled properly will result in huge headaches and expenses down the road.

Panel of Fire Alarm System
  • 4010 Panel Single Loop
  • 4007ES Hybird Panel Single Loop
  • 4100ES Panel Multiple Loop
Detector of Fire Alarm System
  • True Alarm Smoke Detector
  • True Alarm Heat Detector
  • True Alarm Addressable Base
  • Manual Pull Station
  • 24V DC Bell
  • Flasher with Bell
  • Relay Module
  • Monitor Module
  • Door Holder