An essential feature of any Hotel, Hospital, School or Tourist Facility an effective sound system for distributing more than one sound program to each room or common area. The possibilityh of using the system to broadcast general or alarm announcements that can be activated even when the receivers are switched off adds value and usefulness to the sound system.

  • Wall Mounting Speakers
  • Flush Mounting Speakers
  • Splashproof Box Speakers
  • False Ceiling Mounting Speakers
  • Horn Speakers
  • Column Speakers
  • Interior Design Speakers
  • Speacial Speakers
  • Wall Flush-Mount Speakers
Dynamic Microphones
  • M985 Dynamic Hypercardioid Microphone
  • M940 Dynamic Cardioid Microphone
  • M976 One Directional Dynamic Microphone
  • M1-NC Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone
Microphones Stations
  • B701-MG N pre-Amplified Microphone
  • B711-G Pre-Amplified Microphone Bases
  • B53-C Digital Microphone Bases
  • PMB112-EG Expansion Module
  • PMB112-G Microphone Bases
Mixer Amplifiers
  • AX3504 40W Amplifiers
  • AX3506 60W Amplifiers
  • AX3512 120W Amplifiers
  • AX6120 120W Amplifiers 3 Output Zones
  • AX6240 240W Amplifiers 3 Output Zones
Power Amplifiers
  • AW5612 120W Booster Amplifiers
  • AW5624 240W Booster Amplifiers
  • AW5648 480W Booster Amplifiers
Mixers and Audio Processors
  • DMX8008 Digital matrix mixer 8IN 8OUT
  • MX5539 Audio Mixer 9 Input and 2 Output
  • DLC9000 Automatic Controller of Audio Level
  • DAG9300 Alarm-tone Generator and Voice Recorder